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I’ve learned that people listen with their eyes. 


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“The worst crying is when you’re lying in bed, with your hand over your mouth so you don’t make noise. The tears are running onto your pillow and your heart’s breaking and you’re thinking of everything that made you cry, and your other hand is on your heart or stomach because they both hurt.”

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do you guys realize we can change our lives any time we want like you can just go ahead and delete your blog, stop eating meat, shave your head, start running, tell that person you hate why you hate them so much, confess your love to someone and kiss them unexpectedly like why don’t we do that

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I'm not perfect & I'm not trying to be. This blog is a little part of me. What is sexuality. Message me & follow me I follow back. I leave you with my fears , what makes me happy & what I think is true . Enjoy . ☺️

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